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20 Degrees

20 Degrees Website

The new website for 20 Degrees was part of a larger revamp of the firm’s brand identity, using forms and colors related to stones skipping over water. Why? Twenty degrees is the perfect angle a rock needs to hit the water in order to skip the furthest. This represents 20 Degrees’ vision for how to unlock impact capital: despite the challenge of gravity, with the right method a skipping rock soars to its potential. Likewise, 20 Degrees helps their clients reach their full potential.
For the 20 Degrees website, MOYA organized a large amount of content into a clean and easy-to-read format. We did this by re-thinking the website map and content location. First, we condensed all the most important information into the home page, where the reader can find relevant content, discover what 20 Degrees is all about, access the most recent brand updates, and have direct contact with the team.
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We created a customized video header of a stone skipping over water and on-brand custom icons, using the brand’s colors and an overlay to match the logo. The 20 Degrees “News” page is at the heart of this website, with 20+ blog posts that are resources on important topics related to the brand. A dedicated section in the home page allows the user to easily access the latest blog posts and subscribe to the 20 Degrees newsletter. We designed a “Testimonials” section to highlight client feedback and a “Covid-19 Toolkit” with a collection of free downloadable resources. This web design for 20 Degrees has a clean, cohesive, and appealing theme that unifies the firm’s new marketing collateral.