20 Degrees
20 Degrees

20 Degrees Brand Refresh

The new branding for 20 Degrees was a complete revamp of the firm’s identity, using forms and colors related to stones skipping over water. Why? Twenty degrees is the perfect angle a rock needs to hit the water in order to skip the furthest. This represents 20 Degrees’ vision for how to unlock impact capital: despite the challenge of gravity, with the right method a skipping rock soars to its potential. Likewise, 20 Degrees helps their clients reach their full potential.  
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MOYA’s 20 Degrees brand refresh included a new logo design, website, one-pager, and brand book. Each featured custom images that complement each other and align with the brand. In addition to the 20 Degrees logo and on-brand custom icons, we used stone and water textures across all collateral and recolored each to give a uniform feel. An overlay transition of a vector element characterizes the custom video header we created for the firm’s home page. The 20 Degrees one-pager is linked from the home page and is also suitable for print. As well as designing a clean layout for the document, our team provided professional copy and editing.