MBUFA Website
Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA)

MBUFA Website  

Formed in 2010, the Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA) is a national non-profit organization that brings together government, business, academic, and transportation policy leaders to conduct education and outreach on the potential for mileage-based user fees as an alternative for future funding and improved performance of the U.S. transportation system. 
MOYA partnered with MBUFA to design and develop a dynamic website that would help convey their message and vision. To deliver the best possible design, we conducted research to understand the websites of similar organizations. In collaboration with the client, our team designed the final website sitemap and created three design concepts for MBUFA to choose from to define the look and feel of the overall website.  
The final website uses a consistent visual language, allowing for visual cues that creates an identifiable and memorable brand for MBUFA. In addition, a simple but powerful color palette is used to highlight content throughout the website. Interactive elements – such as maps – were integrated into the design to help with audience engagement. To help with navigation of the rich amount of policy and research papers, a report library was also created to centralize the content to make it easy-to-use for site users.