Riverside Station Design Concept
Capitol Heights, MD
Argos Group

Riverside Station Design Concept

Riverside Station is located in Capitol Heights, MD, across from the Capitol Heights Metro station. The site spans two city blocks that are bisected by a channeled stream. This creates an opportunity to develop a series of buildings that relate to each other as a community. At the same time, the buildings can diversify in scale to help transition to the established low-rise, single-family neighborhood. The new zoning for the parcel is MXT, allowing higher densities as well as heights, with a reduction in parking requirements due to the proximity to the Metro.
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At Riverside Station, each building is between four and five stories with basements where existing grades permit. Three of the four buildings are residential, while one is community-oriented retail with residential on the upper floors. This last building takes advantage of the site grade to gain a basement on one side and an efficient parking layout without a lot of excavation. The other three buildings line the streets to create an urban edge as you approach the Metro from the neighborhood.
The façade articulation is carefully considered; it breaks the building masses into several smaller elements that relate to the scale of their surroundings. The material palette will feature brick, cementitious panels, siding, and metal panel accents. The project will deliver one-third of the units as three bedrooms, one-third of the units as two bedrooms, and one-third as one-bedroom units.